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The Transforming My Life Program is a very comprehensive Life Coaching System that includes Lesson Plans and LIVE Coaching; however, as part of a temporary test, I am offering a Lite Version of the TML Program where you get THE COMPLETE PROGRAM except the one-on-one coaching at a phenomenal $370 discount. 

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The Transforming My Life eCoaching Program can help you reach your goals and dreams through a series of easy steps that combine law of attraction principles with practical action steps. The program guides you from start to finish to make sure you achieve your goals now and in the future, as you will be acquiring a skill that will serve you for years to come!

And for the first time EVER, a TML Lite Version is now being made available to a select few for a jaw-dropping discount. The Lite Version includes everything mentioned in the sign-up page except for the Coaching Center access.

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Six Modules with detailed step-by-step lesson plans in downloadable PDF format

Six lesson plans in MP3 audios, for you to download and listen “on the go”

Six Workbooks, one for each lesson plan, for you to get organized, take action and keep track of your progress

Eighteen additional tools and resources to further expand on each lesson as needed.

Three beautiful meditations for relaxation and enlightenment.

So the question is… what are you going to do to see your dreams manifested in your reality?

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